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Know How These Unique Pieces Of Raku Cremation Urns Are Created

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The fire technique of designing urns originated in Japan. It is this technique that is most commonly used to create Raku cremation urns. Each of the pieces is unique in its own design. The differentiated technique proves that no two Raku style cremation urns can have same designs. Clearly, this can be seen in the huge assortment of products available online, especially the ones made from this age-old technique.

How are the unique designs created on these Raku urns?

The bare clay used to create these Raku style cremation urns is carefully coated with iron. It is further wrapped in other organic materials, wire, minerals and rope. Fired at 1100 degrees, the urns are kept in a hot chamber. It is these fumes, vapour and flame marks that are trapped into the aluminium foil which creates an urn as unique as the individual being memorialised.

SAGGAR FIRE 2 urn to admire a beloved

The smooth matte finish bursts on the lid and the top of this Raku urns for ashes are created with the help of the above-mentioned fire manufacturing process. The urn is suitable to hold the ashes of an adult person. It can be a perfect tribute towards someone who had an unmatched and rare personality. This simpleraku urn for ashes have timeless and elegant designing, that is perfect to fit into a wide range of decors.

BLUE CRYSTAL FLAT urn to gleam the unforgettable memories

During the production process of this blue coloured Raku style urns for cremated ashes, the clay material is used to give the desired shape first, then dried and fired in a kiln. When the glaze is about to reach the maturity or has already reached it, these urns are then removed from the kiln. In turn, it converts the glaze into an unrepeatable stunning background of beautiful colours, all with a hint of luster.

BLUE SPLASH urn to dive in the everlasting mementos

The exclusive fire production process used to create Raku urnsor pottery adds a look of timeless beauty to the cremation urn. The glaze finish on each of the urn pieces makes them perfect to be placed in almost any of the home settings. Being one of the most unique and elegant design, this majestic urn piece is not just pleasing to the eyes but also calming to the spirit.

Bring harmony into your lives and memorialise the deceased person's soul with the help of these alluring cremation urns for ashes.

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